Juniper Mattei

Producer and Sound Designer based in Toronto. Creating music and sound for video games, and infusing pop music with fresh sounds.



junie beats jones - Producer/Artist/Engineer

Formerly bonehome, this is my personal musical project, and the alias I use whenever I am producing for another artist.

I’ve been studying at the University of Toronto since 2016, first for classical trombone performance and more recently for music production and recording.

Over the last two years I’ve produced for multiple artists of varying styles, providing entire tracks with vocal production to beats to mixing and mastering.


TOO SLOW / TOO FAST - future cadaver [w/ junie beats jones]

cuteslashcute - junie beats jones

gold star, you tried - junie beats jones, by landee

outro - junie beats jones

Stolen Valour - Team Lead/Composer/Sound Designer

January - April 2021

I worked as a Team Lead/Composer/SFX Designer on two games for the University of Toronto CSC404 class, working on various parts of the audio systems of two playable games, each one created over the course of three months.

As a team lead on one of the two games titled Stolen Valour, I managed a team of seven people including programmers, artists and other members of the music team through the creation of a game based on an original idea of mine. I also composed the soundtrack minus one remix and about 60% of the SFX assets

Don’t Look Down - Sound Designer

The earlier of my two games for the CSC404 class, Don’t Look Down was led by Joshua Bragg and I was tasked with creating 60% of the SFX assets.

I was responsible for creating all of the sounds related to the main character Moki, utilizing a large library of foley samples combined with synthesis techniques to create interesting sounds with lots of feedback for the player.

Working with such a talented team was a blast!
September - December 2020

TBA: Tunes. Beats. Awesome. - Artistic Director/Arranger/Audio Engineer

I spent many years in high school as part of a pop acapella group, and I continued that in university through TBA. During my three years with the group, I served as Assistant Artistic Director and Artistic Director the year after, arranging and choosing much of the group’s repertoire.

While I was Artistic Director I also helped the group manage live audio during concerts and record an EP throughout the year. Unfortunately due to time constraints, the EP was never released but it was a great experience recording and mixing all 15 members’ voices!
September 2016 - April 2019